To get full access to prices and inventory, you must register. After checking the data and possibly telephone contact, the account is activated and the customer is assigned a price list. From now on you will be able to see the prices (net), inventory, as well as the ability to place orders (only via the website).

Each registered customer is entered into our mailing list and will receive a newsletter with information, eg about the delivery of goods or promotions. You can unsubscribe at any time using the appropriate button placed in the content of each newsletter.




Please also make sure that all data has been provided correctly when registering. To do this, after logging in to our website, on the right side at the top, click the "change your data" and if necessary, check or enter the missing company details, contact phone and enter the shipping address if it is different from the company address.

You should always wait for an e-mail with pro forma invoice attached. Only after receiving it, you must make a transfer for the amount specified in the document. The account number and details of our company are provided in the invoice. Sending a bank confirmation can speed up the shipment.

In the pre-Christmas period and immediately after sending our newsletter to customers, the waiting time for order fulfillment, due to their large number, may slightly increase.




The basket prevents you from losing your order if you log out of the website, however, it does not mean a full booking, as all other products also have access to all products until the order is sent. At the time of sending the order, the program checks if there is enough goods available in the warehouse, if not, then a message appears about the need to correct the items marked in red, indicating too small amount of goods in the warehouse. Sending the order will be possible only when all highlighted items are corrected.




Complaints will be taken into account after previous email or telephone contact and after agreeing on preliminary conditions.

Address for sending complaints:

Don Marco International
ul. Budowlanych 15 A
80-298 Gdańsk